A cloud! But not the cloud you’re thinking of?

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Adobe are changing the game.

Is this good or bad?

Adobe recently released their “Creative Cloud” for all their current and new products.

What does that mean I hear you yell? Well let me try to give you some idea, then we can choose if this is the right way to go.

Redraw you're boundaries

Redraw your boundaries

Essentially instead of paying a 1 off cost to buy Adobe products, photoshop, InDesign etc, You now pay a monthly subscription for access to ALL the Adobe products.!

FX production

FX production

You get access to any and all new products and instead of waiting for the next release, (like CS7 etc) every new addition is downloaded automatically to your current system because of your current subscription.

Re-Imagine reality

Re-Imagine reality

If you don’t already own an Adobe product, It doesn’t matter, you get full access on your first subscription. Keep in mind you can get a cheaper deal if you lock in for 12 months or you can go month by month at a higher rate.

Tools to beat the curve?

Tools to beat the curve?

Being a massive Adobe fan and user for many years I’m always interested in what they have to offer. This new offering to the masses gives us access to every update at our finger tips. great idea right?

I’m not so sure.

Are Adobe products awesome. Check.

Is it handy to have all new “gadgets” as soon as they come out? Check.

If I stop subscribing and paying a monthly fee do I get to keep the software? NO. And thats a big No for me.

Would I prefer to rent than buy? Thats up to you, but not me.

For me I like the idea of having, and owning a product, I’m not a fan of contracts, subscriptions or reoccurring costs and I’d prefer to not factor a monthly subscription for use of “tools” into my monthly balance sheet.

Do I still love Adobe? Yes, Do I think this it is a step in the right direction, Yes for some, No for others, Is it for me? No, Not at present.

Gotta admire their thinking out of the box tho.

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