Is #trending #trendy?

Posted by on Sep 29, 2013 in Inspiration, Scrapbooks and Sketches

Are logo trends trendy.

Logo design is a fluid and ever evolving process.

Its something that is continually evolving, looking back and drawing inspiration from its past and present, in an effort to break new ground for the future.

Its similar to fashion and music in this way, and as with both those industries, there’s are always trends, some good (acoustic sets) and some bad (bum bags).

LogoLounge has a yearly appraisal of what trends are current, and I always find it interesting, on a personal level, to see if I have unknowingly followed these trends, if I have drawn inspiration from them, not being aware that I too am “trendy”.

Here are some current trend for this year to date:


The crossed theme has come, gone and is back again revamped.


Molecules seem simple, but always catchy and adaptable.

Nature Marks

Nature Marks give an organic feel to the company.


Brackets are back. I remember designing with these in 98. I’m cool again.


Line or Slash, either way I don’t think this trend is going away any time soon.

I thought long and hard about trends after reading this article, and while we live in a twitter, hashtag, “whats trending now” world, trending is considered positive. But then theres the large chunk of the population that wants to be “unique”, to stand out, to be different.

Theres always that person who liked that particular band before they were cool, or wears crocs because they are comfortable not because its a topic of conversation.

I guess its each to their own and weather its trendy or not, a logo must serve a purpose, and be designed with that purpose in mind, not because gradients are now funky.

Remember what they say. “Im unique, just like everyone else. I wonder what my Personal logo would look like If I followed trends? Watch this space….

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