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Desks, Not just for standing on anymore.

So the quote is a little obscure, unless you like Walt Whitman or Robin Williams, but the memorable part of that scene is the standing on the desk.

I feel A good desk plays second fiddle a lot of the time to new trinkets, technology, the latest cordless sound system etc.

If you have a laptop then there is every chance that you will say “you don’t need a desk” or something a little more creative like, “my lap is my desk”, or “the park is the only office I need”. But being a graphic designer who works from home, and on location, I strongly disagree.

A laptop will give you convience, but any Graphic designer, web designer, photographer, coder, music producer or anyone with a semi interest in there chosen field, will tell you they need a desk.

Now It just so happens that I am currently renovating my home, and I have the opportunity to “revamp” my study.

Always a tricky predicament because it needs to be super functional, it needs to be productive, it needs to accommodate clients when they vist and It needs to feel like my sanctuary. It also needs to have enough space for my wife, who is a photography, with all her “stuff” as she has decided she gets half.

I have drawn a line down the centre of the room, literally, drawn a line, and her half has more storage, and my half has the window, but we have competing tastes in regards to “style”. Mine is a more minimalism approach, functional, clean lines, simple , with a hint of the industrial and potentially a creative poster for inspiration.

Hers is clutter.

So, In the effort to find a happy medium so “our” office doesn’t look like a bad mismatch of curry and ice-cream, I researched and found a delightful site called minimal desks.

Great inspiration for all sizes and spaces. See some of there examples below.

Storage wars

Storage wars

I really like this set up. looks great to me and I feel it could work for us both. but there no technology? As soon as power leads, hard drives speakers, docking stations, laptops, monitors, iPads, iPods, modems etc are placed into this arrangement it means that there will be power leads everywhere. Not only will it take away from the desired effect, there will be extensions needed and it will look terrible, especially to the minimalist in me. Unless I could run leads through the piped frames???



I found the more and more I looked at desks, The more and more I really really liked the industrial, “old” “refurbished” “made from an old door” type of look. I don’t know if it was because I had seen so many great examples of it, but it grew on me. Now the “geek” part of me screams, clean white lines, no clutter. But the “designer” in me screams texture, character, tells a story. And both of these are competing with the man in me saying “I  can build it myself”.



I love this set up. The floor gives the character that I really want. the desk and shelf gives me the simplicity that I really want. But unfortunately, the space required for this (who has the room for a plant in a crate just to fill up space) just isn’t going to work in a shared office in a home.

Clean simple possible

Clean simple possible

This is nice. Great desk, sweet lamp, simple, clean, has character, will work holding a 30 inch monitor or coloured pencils and scrap books. Can work with my minimalist requests as well as my wife’s “craft” requirements. Its a little small for what I would like, But the idea behind it is awesome.

Maybe I’ll make one? Maybe I’ll buy an old wood working shelf from a tool shed and re work it with sanding, love and affection.

The again, Maybe I’ll go to IKEA .

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