Nightlights - For Sale




Do you work in lighting, fireworks, solar, party planning or anything dynamic? then this logo could be yours.

"With Nightlights, the sky's the limit. Hahaha sorry I couldn't resist, Based out of Canberra the fireworks capital or Australia, Nightlights are specialists in all things fireworks, from large scale events and city skylines to dealing direct to the public.
We used a centralised colour range, specific energy in the font with effect and tried to incorporate appeal by focusing on the "light bursts" to build a more dynamic logo. A Bright, dynamic logo, to light the night sky, which also sits snuggly in the corner of a business card."

This logo can only be sold once, so it will be yours and yours alone. I can customize any logo to show your company name and colours. If you are interested in making this logo your own, then please send me an email for further details.

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